Our Courses

Introduction to hillwaking in Scotland 



We introduce you to the basics of hillwalking/hiking in the mountains of Scotland.


We cover the fundamentals of navigation and route planning. Including what to do if you get lost.


Weather forecasting. Where to find the right one for your area and how to read it properly.



What do if  there is an emergency on the hillside.



The ethics of `leaving no trace` in the outdoors.





The wildlife and flora of the Scottish wilderness.



One Day Course

  • £60 per person

  • Minimum 2 people

  • Maximum 4 people

  • One to one instruction also available, contact us for details.


  • Due to the nature of these courses, any booking requires an initial telephone conversation. This is to establish any health issues, previous experience and also levels of fitness.


  • In these uncertain and unpredicatable times, all necesssary health and safety precautions will be adhered to. Masks will be worn where possible and any equipment will be fully sanitised.

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